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  • Whole Europe
  • Online and Offline
  • Multilingual

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The CNG-App for Europe

The CNG-App is now available with a online-route planner!

In the newest version for android and iOS there you'll find a filling station finder combined with a route planner. Smartphone users who have already installed the gibgas CNG-App get the new version with the next software update.

More languages, more service, more convenience

The gibgas CNG-App, the App for europe-wide mobility regarding CNG, biomethane und synthetic methane, goes international: For the european market and its CNG-Users the CNG-App features several languages. Starting with German now also Englisch, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and French is integrated. And there will be more thanks to booming CNG countries ...

New: Truck accessibility

Due to their high tank volume, heavy trucks and buses need a reliable and particularly efficient infrastructure for refueling CNG and LNG. In addition, suitable access options for large vehicles are essential. Not every existing CNG filling station can do this.

As a specialist in tank and tour planning, gibgas is now adding truck accessibility. Fleet operators of trucks and buses can use this data to conveniently plan tours and suitable refueling stops. In the future, there will be a special focus on the availability status. 

Effective on- and offline

Save data, energy and money: the gibgas CNG-App supports you on- and offline - a valuable advantage especially in roaming countries with high data costs.

Even if you are offline the CNG-App has all the data at hand. In combination with radius search you get all CNG Stations around your geoposition. And what's more you can textually search for CNG-Stations. And you can filter the results by numerous attributes like gas quality, opening hours, payment, biomethane percentage, CNG-Fule card etc. The database on the device updates itself the next time you are online.

So getting online via WiFi or mobile Network keeps you up-to-date. Highly accurate status information have CNG-Stations that feature the !24-Icon. 

All of Europe - the CNG-App with unbeatable advantages!

From now on you only need one App for whole europe. More than 4000 CNG stations in 36 countries are at your hand - and daily the number increases. With the automatic data update of the gibgas CNG-App you always stay ahead of what's important about the CNG Stations. All over Europe.

New: Delayed status reporting. If you are offline, the status is temporarily stored on the device and sent the next time you are online. So your contribution to the community is 100%!

You 4 all and all 4 you: let's use the swarm intelligence

Every CNG-Driver benefits from up-to-date information - and the gibgas CNG-App makes contribution easy: e.g. with simple to use price- and statusreporting after fueling. Even if you are offline, your messages will only be delayed until next time you are online. Then the infos are sent making 100% of your contribution available to the community - as simple and effectice as that! Just register that we can connect for occuring requests...