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The CNG-App for Europe!

Welcome to the gibgas CNG-App. We offer you the most up-to-date data of all european CNG Stations. Right at your fingertips on your Smartphone/Tablet. The CNG-App works on- and offline, making you more independent of roaming costs in countries other than your home country.

The offline functionality solely refers to the accessability of our CNG stations data in our App and definitely not to the native maps-App, that comes with your device! We offer to hand over a geoposition to the native maps-App, but we neither offer support for that App nor are we responsible for the offline (or not offline) capability of that App!

If the device is online during startup, the CNG-App data is updated. After that the update occurs at a prespecified schedule (i.e. every hour). That way, your data is always up-to-date, especially important having the most up-to-date prices and status of each CNG-Stations in Europe available.

And you can contribute to us, making data even more up-to-date. Report prices and status. You are supporting yourself and others and other will support you doing the same. Thank you very much for that!

Why CNG?

The term used in the various countries for the fuel is naturally divergent. This leads to a lot of confusion. Therefore gibgas consequently only uses as a term for the fuel, in adherence to the international road sign CNG, this generally understandable term.

Start and action icons

Start of the
The CNG-App displays the CNG-Stations around you - if the device delivers a geoposition.
The geoposition-Icon starts the radius search for CNG-Stations. The geolocation uses mobile Accesspoints and GPS, if available and searches until a position is found or until you touch the icon again, stopping the search.
During a search this icon is visible.
The Route-Symbol changes into the Route-Mode. When in Route-Mode the Search-Mode-Symbol is displayed.
The Search-Mode-Symbol changes into the Search-Mode. When in Search-Mode the Route-Mode-Symbol is displayed.
The search field is the starting point to search for CNG-Stations or to start the directions search in Route-Mode. You'll find more on this under CNG-Stations Search below.
The preferences-Icon opens the preferences pane. There you can enter your personal data. If you e.g. fill in your email and you report a price, this will be send to us along with the price and you enable us to get back to you for further questions. And you can select the desired country.
If you see this, then you know what the burger-Icon is good for :-). How the filter for the CNG-Stations work is described below.
The database-Icon shows the timestamp of the last database update.
During database update this icon is visible.
The position-Icon enables you to show / resize the map. Touching it opens/closes the map, dragging it up or down resizes the map.
The back-Icon takes you back to the previous page.
The save-Icon saves your data on the preferences page. On the "report a status" page this triggers the "send the status" action. In Route-Mode you save the current directions.
In Route-Mode this deletes the current saved directions.
The font-Icon changes the font size / display.
Action-Icons in the CNG-Stations display
The starts the navigation to the chosen CNG-Station. For that to work there must be an external navigation App on your device (navigation itself is not part of the CNG-App). The CNG-App only hands over the geoposition of the CNG-Station.
Enter the price of the CNG-Station into the field next to the price-Icon and touch the price-Icon. The price will be then delivered to us - if your device is offline, it will be delivered the next time your device is online.
The "report a status"-Icon opens the respective pane. There you can enter information about the status of the CNG-Station. The touch the save-Icon on the top right and the status is delivered to us - if your device is offline, it will be delivered the next time your device is online.

CNG-Stations search

Usually you will use the geoposition-Icon top right of the CNG-App to find CNG-Stations in your area. This also works if your device is offline.

There might be times though, when you want to search CNG-Stations by other criteria than your current geoposition. Then just enter a search term in the search field. You can search for ZIP, city, street, motorway (e.g. A8) or for any geoposition you can think of (e.g. 48,16573 , 11,57373). To start the search touch the magnifyer in the search field.

Depending on the device being off- or online the result of the search differs. How the CNG-App sees the connection status of your device can be seen like so:

CNG-App is online
CNG-App is offline

If the CNG-App is connected to the internet, a geoposition query is executed. If a geoposition can be found to your search term, then a radius search is executed. That way you can find CNG-Stations around Paris, if you entered Paris as a search term

If searching fo a ZIP, please keep in mind, that this is a european data based App. A search for 80796 might not give you the german geoposition you might expect. To have a better indication of what is searched for, the CNG-App offers the prefered country in the preferences. This value will be send to the geocoding service along with the search term. Even so, the search term, e.g. a city, might exist in a different country also and this very city might be more importamt to the geocoding service than the city you hoped to find. This is e.g. the case with Bergen (Norway, Germany). If the geocoding service returns more than one result, the CNG-App offers to select the wished result.

If the CNG-App is offline a geoposition cannot be found. Then all CNG-Stations are searched for in the local DB, that contain the search term. E.g. searching for München all CNG-Stations are displayed, that have this term in the city or street. This search also finds the Münchener Straße in Hamburg - if there is a CNG-Stations. The search is limited to the prefered country then. If you chose all countries all of europe is searched. As there is no CNG-Station in Paris, the offline search hence does not find an CNG-Stations, if searching for Paris.

But entering a geoposition in the search field always allows you to find CNG-Stations in the area of that specific geoposition. Geopositions can be e.g. found on printed maps (Latitude/Longitude lines) or the car-navigation. So if you are offline in a foreign country, you still can be informed about the CNG-Stations in your area that way.

CNG-Stations Routing

In Route-Mode you can display CNG-Stations alongside your route. You enter a start and an end location and probably an intermediate stop and start the directions search by tapping the magnifyer in the start field. You'll find the usual directions options on the left panel (Motorway , Ferry , Maut ). All three default to "yes".

When directions are available the CNG-Stations alongside the route are displayed in the map and the list (incl. distance km).

On the panle you can change the corridor, in which CNG-Stations should occur from 1 to 15 km.

The distance is an approximate value. Please do not attempt to get to a CNG-Station on the last cm3 CNG :-).

Save a CNG Route

You can save your routes. This has two advantages. 1. you do not have to enter your route every time again. 2. you can use saved routes in Offline-Mode. So you can plan a route to a foreign country at home (probably in multiple sub-routes) and then use those routes in Offline-Mode in your vacation country at no additional cost.

To save a route you tap the Save-Icon , enter a name for your route and tap the Save-Icon again.

Your saved routes appear in the dropdown list.

To delete a route, just select it and tap the delete-Icon.

Planning a route uses Internet services and thus is only possible in Online-Mode. Saved routes can also be used in Offline-Mode!

CNG-Stations Display

In the result list of the CNG-Stations search the information is arranged as follows:

1,139 €/kg
CNG Biomethantankstelle (Automat)
Schäftlarnstraße 1
D-81371 München Sendling

The rows

In the first row from left to right: you'll find the country, icons for gasquality, opening hours, biomethane, motorway, status und promotion. Then the icon and, if applicable, the distance of the CNG-Station to your current geoposition.

In the second row from left to right: Status of the CNG-Station (CNG Logo in green, blue, orange, yellow or red), the address and the price. In square bracket you can see price equivalence compared with unleaded super. The factor is 1.47 for Switzerland and 1.5 for the rest of Europe. Touching the second row opens the CNG-Statiosn details pane showing even more information.

In the third row you'll find the report-Icons for price and status. Reporting a price is as easy as entering the price in the field and touching the euro sign icon.

If there is a 24h-Icon on the left, then this CNG-Station features a 24h status reporting service! This means that you'll find especially up-to-date and accurate status information for that CNG-Station. This is a special service of gibgas and its partners.

The Icons in detail

 gas quality
percentage of biomethane
option to choose natural gas or bio-methane
  opening hours (24h, public, restricted public)
 (close to) motorway
CNG-Stations has a special promotion! Find more details in the CNG-Station details pane.
There is a status for that CNG-Station. Find more details in the CNG-Station details pane.
This CNG-Station features a 24h status reporting service!
Paying at this CNG-Station is possible with CNG cards (DKV, eco, e-gas).
The CNG-Station is usable to the full extend.
Filling still possible.
The CNG-Station is usable to a limited extend.
Filling still possible.
The CNG-Station requires a special fuel card
Filling still possible.
The CNG-Station is only for business clients
Filling still possible.
In combination with the status-Icon the CNG-Station is malfunctioning or in maintenance, and we still wait for the confirmation.
Either this is a fuel card only CNG-Stations or in combination with the status-Icon the CNG-Station is malfunctioning or in maintenance.

Details pane of a CNG-Station

To get to the details pane, please touch the second row (e.g. the address) of an entry in the result list. The pane displays detailed information about how to get to the station, the adapters and much more.

CNG-Stations filter

You can filter the CNG-Stations result list. There is a positive and a negative filter.

The negative filter hide the CNG-Stations that have that attribute. You do not want to have CNG-Stations with gas quality L? Then touch L on the filter (they get darker) and immediatly alls CNG_Stations with L disappear both in the result list and the map.

The positive filter only shows the CNG-Stations that have that attribute. You only want to see 100% biomethane CNG-Stations? Then touch the Bio100-Icon (it gets lighter) and immediatly you only see CNG-Stations with 100% biomethane.

Touching the filter icons again toggles gets them in the original state.

The map

The gibgas CNG App uses the native map of the device. We have no influence what so ever on the native app. Especially not on the workability of the native App in Offline mode.

You can open / close the map any time by touching or dragging the position sign.

The map shows the CNG-Stations according to the result list. E.g. all CNG-Stations in your area in the radius search with a geoposition.

If the geoposition search did not work, the map usually shows the whole world. Please ensure the GPS of your device is switched on. Then touch the geoposition-Icon again. Getting a geoposition can take several minutes, so please don't give up early ;-).


You can enter your personal data and the prefered country in the preferences. The prefered country is used in the geocoding search. The default is germany.

If you enter your email, user and/or password, those data will be send to us, if you report a price or a status. This helps us getting back to you if we have further questions. The field are not mandatory though.

Keeping up to date

Data updates are done on a regular basis, i.e. at every start of the CNG-App. The update only requests changes, so the footprint of data volume should be fairly low. It might be useful though, after not using the CNG-App for a while, to start the CNG-App only when connected to WiFi.

Feedback about the CNG-App

We hope to give you a useful service with our CNG-App. Please write us your feedback to If you have questions / issues please send us also your smartphone and OS details.